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Realtime 3D Interactive Guitarist

Chords, Strums and Arpeggios training in awesome 3D graphics!

For Beginners & Advanced Guitarists

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Final Guitar Features

FinalGuitar Realtime 3D Guitarist


Interactive 3D Guitarist on Your Mobile

FinalGuitar for beginner & advanced guitarists

Learn Easily

For Beginners & Advanced Guitarists

FinalGuitar Sound Effects

Sound FX

Automate Your Sound Effects & Compose Your Own Songs!

FinalGuitar life like animations


Learn Six-String From Lifelike Animations!

What can you do with Final Guitar?

  • Learn hundreds of chords easily by observing their real-time transitions in 3D environment which you can not get with videos or photos.

  • Learn strum patterns in different rhythms.

  • Learn arpeggio patterns in different rhythms.

  • Make loops of chord changes (progressions) to play, sing or improvise over it with your instrument.

  • Decide the correct chords for your compositions.

  • Make backing tracks.

  • Hear your songs with bass guitar and drums

  • Share your songs with Final Guitar community.

What they said...

"Final Guitar is probably the best guitar teaching app I’ve ever come across in the App Store."

appPicker, what say about Final Guitar


"... Final Guitar take a completely different approach, using a 3-D animated character to demonstrate arm, hand and finger movements just like you have a real guitarist playing in front of you."

AppAdvice, what say about Final Guitar


Enjoy True Interactivity

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